Why Star
Not just clean… QUALITY CLEAN.
It means that we meet or exceed our client’s cleaning requirements consistently. Every aspect of the STAR organization is focused on delivering this high standard of performance to every client, every single day. Our management is committed to it. Our continuous improvement programs support it; and our regular training and systematic inspection procedures ensure it. You could say that we’re “QUALITY CLEAN”-driven.

A great team focused on your satisfaction.
Our management team is among the most knowledgeable in the industry. It is their job to ensure customer satisfaction — beginning with an analysis of each customer’s needs that leads to an individually tailored service solution. Detailed quality assurance is provided through on-site inspections performed on a daily and weekly basis. To help maintain an open line of communication between our cleaning staff and facility personnel, our site managers make daily rounds visiting with various department heads to check on client satisfaction.

At STAR, we take every measure to insure that our staff is well trained, experienced, and committed to servicing your needs. All employees receive individual, one-on-one training and monthly, in-service training. On a daily basis, Managers and Supervisors provide input to insure service quality on the job and to make any necessary adjustments to cleaning tasks.
STAR employees are generally present when an area is inspected so that they can see the results of their work and make certain it meets customer requirements.

We protect your safety and security more than ever.
At STAR, safety and security within your facility are extremely important to us. On-the-job safety seminars are conducted monthly to meet our, your and OSHA's requirements…helping to create a safe work environment when we’re there… and when we’re not.

For your company’s security, background checks coupled with extensive interviewing are conducted on every prospective employee to guarantee that we are providing you with the safest possible staff.

Any time you need us, we’re there.
We have developed an excellent system for cleaning services over the past fifty years. There is practically no cleaning job that we can’t handle. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to professionally meet your demands. If a problem should arise, you will see a service manager within hours and the problem will be resolved the same day.

We create services tailored to your needs.
Unlike some contract cleaning companies, which present you with a choice of pre-packaged plans, we design a program to meet the demands of each individual client. Our program begins with a review and critique of the current maintenance needs of your facility by our highly qualified and experienced management teams. Based on this information, they design a program specifically to meet those needs. In this way, you get and pay for the exact level and type of maintenance that you require.

We’re up-to-the-minute with supplies and equipment.
We are constantly updating our cleaning industry knowledge and expertise through research and training. Our Supply Service Division tests the latest equipment and supplies available. This ensures that your STAR team is using the safest, most efficient products and equipment -- while keeping costs low through bulk buying.

All cleaning supplies used by STAR are provided with "right to know labels."

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