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Our School Maintenance Services
From the operating room to the classroom

For over 60 years, Star Healthcare Environmental Services has been providing comprehensive, single-source, cleaning services to the healthcare industry. Our knowledge and expertise in cleaning medical facilities, including operating rooms, makes us uniquely qualified in infection control. We utilize the same expertise in infection control to assure a safe and healthy school environment for your students and faculty.

If we can clean surgery centers, imagine what we can do for your school!

Schools are a haven for germs.

Millions of school days are lost annually due to the common cold and other infectious diseases conveyed by contaminated fixtures, surfaces and poor indoor air quality. Recent outbreaks of STAPH and MRSA infections have prompted school closings, disruption in classes, and serious health concerns among parents and students.

Our Services

In addition to our Custodial Services, we also provide:

  • Porter & Matron Services
  • Temporary Staffing
  • General Maintenance/Handyman Services
  • Grounds & Field Maintenance
  • Floor & Carpet Care
  • Window Cleaning
  • Ceiling Tile Cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Recycling Services
  • Green Cleaning Program

Who We Serve

Star serves the full range of schools and educational institutions:

  • Public, Private K-12
  • Independent
  • Charter
  • Parochial
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Trade Schools

Proper cleaning is more important than ever.

We adhere to APPA Custodial Staffing Guidelines for Educational Facilities and commit our resources to assure that only the finest cleaning equipment and top quality chemicals are utilized at your school. With our Green Care Program, we are committed to the ultimate goal of “Cleaning for Health”.

Our people make the difference.

Your Star Building Services team is a group of experienced professionals trained and qualified to handle the special requirements of your school. Star constantly keeps up-to-date with industry standards and the latest technology in cleaning-related equipment and products.

We create custodial services tailored to your needs.

Every educational institution is different, no two are exactly the same. Our program begins with a review of your custodial needs based on the unique environment of your school/campus. Our management team will perform a complete assessment of your facility using APPA guidelines. Based on this evaluation, a program is created to specifically meet your maintenance and staffing requirements. In this way, you get and pay for the exact level and type of maintenance that you require.

Anytime you need us, we’re there.

Our staff is available 24 hours a day to professionally meet your needs. If a problem should arise, you will see a service manager within hours and the problem will be resolved the same day.

We protect your safety and security more than ever.

At Star, safety and security within your school are extremely important to us. On-the-job safety seminars are conducted to meet our, your and OSHA’s requirements... helping to create a safe work environment when we’re there... and when we’re not.

For your facility’s security, background checks coupled with extensive interviewing are conducted on every Star employee to guarantee that we are providing you with the safest possible staff.

Our associates receive extensive training in every aspect of cleaning, including:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Work Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
  • Classroom Care
  • Cafeteria/Food Service Care
  • Restroom Care
  • Locker Room Care
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Carpet Care
  • Chemical Dilution Control
  • Hazard Communication Standards/Right-to-Know
  • Green Cleaning

Why should you consider outsourcing your custodial services?

The current economic climate has left most schools financially burdened. As school budgets shrink, cost cutting is becoming a greater priority. One of the areas that can have an immediate and significant impact on savings, and help your bottom line, is the outsourcing of your custodial services. Outsourcing can reduce your operating costs and free up much needed capital for you to invest in other critical areas.

Why Star?

We’ll always be there for you.

With offices in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Star is strategically located to better serve your school. Our proximity assures that you have the resources of our entire organization at your disposal. Whether performing routine daily custodial services, special projects, or responding to an unexpected emergency, you can rest assured that Star Building Services will always be there for you.

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